Explain Your Imagination
AI Will Do The Rest

Vortexa generative AI-powered platform that makes it faster, and easier for users to automatically convert text into 3D models.
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Demand Of 3D Models Has Reached New Highs

Now, everything is 3D. Our AI tools enhance your 3D workflow, covering modeling to texturing. Seamless integration across platforms lets you harness technology beyond traditional methods, achieving fully AI-generated 3D.

AI Data Processing
Our AI tool turns your text commands into the 3D models you want, making sure they're perfect.
Seamless 3D model customization
Customize 3D models easily with our tools, designed to make your projects more creative and efficient.
2D image to 3D
Effortlessly transform images of objects into impressive 3D models. Our AI converts 2D into 3D with simple image inputs.
Extensive 3D Collection
Our vast 3D model library, perfect for game developers, designers, and 3D enthusiasts.
Text to 3D Model
Our tool makes it easy for anyone to create 3D models using just text, even if they're new to 3D.
Huge Asset Ready to use
Easily create 3D models that are automatically optimized and ready for use.
About Vortexa's
Enhances 3D asset rendering with AI-driven distributed GPU rendering on the blockchain
Generative AI has made tremendous progress in recent years, with the quality of images produced by today's AI continuing to astound. More data access follows. The next frontier is to generate fully 3D worlds. We are working towards realizing a fully AI-generated 3D world.
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We are constructing efficient infrastructure to scale networks and optimize GPU power usage in the digital technology era.
$VOA: The Decentralized Blockchain
Vortexa is a GPU-based proof-of-work coin with the NeoScrypt algorithm and has many advantages and has a Masternode in it.
- Coin Symbol: VOA
- Reward: 84 VOA
- Max Supply: 21,000,000 VOA
- Block Time: 2 Minute
- Masternode Collateral: 14,000 VOA
Reward Distribution:
- Miner: 45%
- Masternode: 55%
Our Community
a strong and growing community, and deliver the best immersive experience for 3D Artist.